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Water Heaters

We provide Water Heater Services for the following equipment: 40 and 50 gallon Hot water Tanks, High Efficiency Hot water Tanks, Power Vented Hot Water Heaters. and Tankless Water Heaters.

Information on buying a Water Heater:

Water Heaters come in two basic forms:

  1. Standard Tank: an insulated tank that holds heated water until it is needed
  2. Tankless Water Heater: a unit that heats the water only as needed.

The Standard Tank form has varying sizes of storage tanks as well as degrees of energy efficiency. Standard tanks in general are less energy efficient then Tankless Water Heaters. It is important to consider output when selecting a style of tank. Standard Hot water tanks can produce more output up front, but can quickly run out of heated water. Tankless water Heaters tend to have a lower output (however it should be sufficient for most homes) and it will constantly have the ability to heat water and will never run out.

Please contact us for more information on Water Heaters and for quotes on your future projects.