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We provide Heating Services in the following areas: Furnaces, Unit Heaters/Garage Heaters, Radiant Tube Heaters, Fireplaces, Space Heaters, and Boilers

Information on Buying a Furnace:

Is your furnace correctly sized?
-an oversized Furnace can be inefficient and costly and an undersized furnace will not meet the heating needs of the home. In order to ensure your Furnace is sized correctly for your home, you should make sure your HVAC contractor has completed a heat load calculation. This calculation takes into account the size of your home, the insulation value of your windows, walls roof and so on. Our Technicians at McCance Plumbing and Heating are qualified to properly administer this test.

Are you buying an appropriately efficient furnace?
When choosing a new Furnace, you have many options when it comes to efficiency. It is important to consider the impact of a high Efficient Furnace. High efficient Furnaces, although more costly upfront, will usually payout within a given period thus providing reduced energy costs for the life of the Furnace. This is due to the fact that High efficient Furnaces can generate the same amount of heat that a mid efficient furnace can at a significantly reduced cost.

Are you getting the best price for your furnace?
We provide High Quality products and Services at competitive rates. We can guarantee that our prices are the best for the quality of service and products we install.